With Spring finally on the horizon, Virginia Beach has been sending waves of heat and swell as a little taste of what is to come! On Tuesday April 4th, Virginia Beach was blessed with 80 degree weather and two-three foot swell down in Sandbridge. After a long day of school, I was able to rush home grab my camera gear and head to “The Bridge” in hopes of catching some stunning photos of the random swell to hit the east coast. When I first stepped out of my car at Whiting Lane, I could see a perfect right handed slab of water pulsing up the beach. I rushed down to the water front to be met by an unknown longboarder and beautiful swell, below are some of my photos I was able to snag before the swell died down.

After a quick surf check and photo shoot down in Sandbridge, I drove down to WRV in hopes of capturing some amazing skate photos and video! What started out as a slow sesh, turned into one of the best skate photo session’s I have had in a long time. As more and more people showed up throughout the night to the skatepark, more opportunities for photos became an option. Around ten to fifteen skaters all swarmed the Half-Pipe to the point were everyone was snaking each other to get their next ride! At the end of the day, I was able to capture some awesome shots of some really cool people. Check them out below!

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