As the snow begins to finally melt away after snow storm Grayson, I look back on how one day in the snow has changed my whole perspective on what to do when the snow hits. Living in Virginia Beach, with little to no hills and a small snow flurry every now and then, it was a shock to everyone that there was a chance for almost a foot of snow! Now for most people who get snow regularly thats nothing, but for around here thats unheard of.

It all started with an idea. Where and when was all we needed to decide what was next. After the storm had passed, my closest friends, Greyson, Caleb and Bo all picked me up and off we went to snowboard! Never have I ever wanted it to snow again in hopes of another amazing day in the snow with some of my best friends. Above you can see some of the photos that were captured throughout the day. Also you can find below the video that was filmed !!


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