For about five years I lived in a beautiful community called Sandbridge, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When the time came we packed up moved away from the beautiful beach and headed closer in to town. With distance and school affecting my time at the beach, making any attempt of getting to the beach was nearly impossible. On weekends like today I get the chance to travel back to the beach in search of the next adventure/mission.

Sandbridge is beautiful in many ways, even in rainy and overcast conditions. Today I met up with my good friend Zach Burrows, with hopes of trying to capture how stunning Sandbridge can be, even on the crappiest days. Although the weatherman called for a sunny afternoon, we were met with overcast and rain.  Yes I get it, the weatherman isn’t always right but hey we got some awesome photos! With a very flat ocean and soaking wet ground, Zach and I had to decide then and there on what we wanted to shoot. While the shore-break was stunning and peaking perfectly to the right, we decided to take a walk on Sandpiper road towards the pier. At the very end of Sandbridge their is a long stretch of road with nothing but scenery all around. Zach and I took that as an advantage and tried our hardest to get some type of landscape/portrait shot all in one! As we circled around and on the pier, we were able to capture stunning shots of the shore-break. Sadly our expedition came to an end when the rain and wind began to pick up, canceling any chance of getting a clear shot of Sandbridge

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