Below you will find 5 of my most used custom presets for Lightroom Classic! Each Preset has a different use, different style and overall different effect on your image. All presets were designed based off of my editing style and genre. Some are for street, and others for landscape and surfing. If you decide to purchase one or all of my presets, you can find at the bottom of the screen or to the right, a button allowing you to pay. After finalizing the purchase, I will email the file(s) to your email account associated with PayPal. If you want the files sent somewhere else, fill out the contact form to the right.

**These presets have not been tested or used for Lightroom mobile**

Included in the package: Waterside, Industrial, B&W, Sandpiper, and Whistler

Thank you so much for supporting me, and have a great day!

Full Package — $15.00 

Waterside — $7.00


Industrial — $7.00


Black and White — $7.00


Victoria — $7.00


Sandpiper — $7.00