As I start to find my own path down the road of taking photos, I have experienced and learned of many new forms of photography. Starting out all I wanted to do was take photos of surfing and skateboarding, but with flat waves and brutal heat it is hard to accomplish those goals. While I’m on the topic of surfing, I want to thank Eastern Surf Magazine for giving me a feature in one of their online blog posts!

     Some people know how much music means to me, if you were to ask anyone at my school I always have at least one headphone in jamming out to whatever new album has come out, from 311 to a new rap album by Migos. With music being such an inspiration in my work, I don’t know why it never crossed my mind that I should try and shoot some musicians and maybe even help record some tunes. I was lucky enough to have my good friends Greyson Dockiewicz and Caleb Rebeck allow me to shoot some photos of their jam sesh. Below are some shots I was able to snap!

With a hardcore sound and endless talent of guitar skills, Greyson jammed out to Rage Against the Machine playing the song “Killing in The Name”

Greyson’s social media: Instagram @Greyson_doc1

Caleb’s social media: Instagram @woahitscaleb

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