5. Matti Haapoja

I wanted to start this list off with Finnish photographer, Matti Haapoja. Some may know him as the owner and creator of Travel Feels, his youtube channel, before rebranding to Matti Haajopa.  In early 2018, I discovered Matti back when he was still under the username Travel Feels as I was looking for advice on how to get more cinematic footage! Matti uses his platform to inspire other creators like my self and you reading this post! From drone tutorials to Dubai vlogs, Matti Haajopa is a huge inspiration to me!


4. Mr Ben Brown

Next on the list is British Photographer/Filmmaker, Ben Brown. Although he isn’t active on youtube anymore, Ben Brown is one of my favorite youtubers of all time. When I first began taking photos, Ben Brown was the only vlogger/photographer that I watched. For years Ben Brown would release videos daily, from Adventures in NYC, to him moving to Cape Town, South Africa. For anyone looking to start vlogging or leap into photography, Ben Brown is your go to guy. 


3. Kai W

Kaiman Wong Is a British photographer/camera tech guru. Kaiman  Wong started his youtube debut in 2009 as the presenter of DigitalRev Tv, a Hong Kong based youtube channel, testing and reviewing camera products. After seven years, he left Digital Rev to work and make videos for himself. Now under the username Kai W, he continues to test new camera gear and present tips and tricks for all types of photographers. I you are looking for someone creative, funny, and knows his stuff, Kai W is an outstanding youtuber.


2. Evan Ranft

Evan Ranft is a professional photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. Starting his youtube career in 2016 under the name Evan5ps, has grown over the years and has continued to teach and inspire me to do more in my photography. As someone like myself who loves street photography, Evan Ranft is no question one of my favorite’s. With photography vlogs being his main go to, he also releases tutorial videos and is always supportive to his followers.


1. Peter Mckinnon

Most photographers I talk to when asked who there favorite youtuber is, the answer always comes out to be Peter Mckinnon. With over 2.9 million subscribers on youtube, Peter Mckinnon continues to grow throughout the youtube community. Personally, Peter Mckinnon has taught me many tricks and tips for my photography and when making films over the years. With over 250 uploads on his channel, there are plenty of adventures, tutorials, tips, etc. to get into. I highly recommend following him as he continues to grow.


Hope you guys enjoyed it. Leave a comment down below if I missed your favorite youtuber! Also, follow me on social media at @johndeclanmactavish to stay updated!

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